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  • Ignition Interlock program

    Ignition interlock devices are one the newest ways to cut down on the number of people who drink and then drive. But how do ignition interlock systems work?

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  • Where do you want to pass your road test?

    You can book you G test in any GTA test location and drive on highway between heavy trucks and careless drivers. Your chance to pass your G test from first time near 10%. Or...

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  • FAQ about Alcohol Ignition Interlock in Ontario

    What is an alcohol ignition interlock? Are Ignition Interlocks effective? Can other people operate my vehicle?

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  • Driving Courses and Packages

    We propose 10 Driving lessons packages to help you pass your G or G2 test

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  • Drinking and Driving Laws in Ontario

    Ontario's impaired driving laws are especially extensive. According to Ontario's Criminal Code, not only is driving while impaired illegal, but anyone having "care and control" of a vehicle while intoxicated may lose their license.

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  • Rent a vehicle with Ignition Interlock device

    We can rent a vehicle equipped with Ignition Interlock, book road test for you in a quiet location out of busy city roads, refresh your driving knowledge.

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To Book a Driving Lessons in car with Ignition Interlock Call : (647) 557-3431

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